About Us

Stockin24.com is the commercial name of Fakuline SL. We are engaged in the wholesale distribution of telephony and consumer electronics. From our offices in Larrabetzu (Basque Country), we collaborate with customers and suppliers anywhere in the world. Although we started in 2011, our professionals have over 20 years experience in telephony, electronics and communications. During these years, we have established ourselves as one of the national leaders in the distribution of telephony. Although we can quote any model manufacturers we work with, but we differentiate ourselves by having physical stock of the products we distribute. Thus ship order formalization day, our customers are our stock in trade. We also do dropshipping for various on-line stores. Only brands we distribute recognized manufacturers, avoiding disreputable models, clones, copies, etc. Given the orientation of our wholesale business, we refer to our customers as Distributors.


-Kepa Uriarte / Skype: jk_tech / Teléfono & Whatsapp: +34 635745326

Office Landline: +34 946 78 11 07